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AJL Management Corp came to life in 2007. Throughout the years, we have developed into a Real Estate & Crypto Asset investment firm that proactively searches various market for opportunities. Our main aim is to help our clients preserve and multiply their wealth and savings by providing alternatives that outpaces the growth of the global change. Our clients benefit from higher returns then they would at public markets. They earn illiquidity premiums for having some of their capital tide in our private illiquid investments.



Secured Returns

When you invest 6% of your homes value, its secured by Lundy's Real Estate Brokerage License commission whenever your ready to sell your home or other real estate. Anything above 6% is secured by local real estate.


On top of your investment

Our goal is to have all our real estate purchases local. This allows you to get a full grasp of your investment. You can drive by it, see it, touch it, feel it. It’s as real as it gets.


Simplicity at its best

We do not believe in crowd funding for one project. Our strategy is one customer per project. This means that you will be the sole partner of a certain transaction, making it easier to oversee your investment. 


We are not in a hurry

More precisely, we take the time to explain exactly how your money will be used for a particular project and what return you can expect with your investment. 

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